The projects that a branch member became a project leader

Program Members
OSAWA Mari  Institute of Social Science - Professor/Chief of the Program Branch
SATO Hiroki  Institute of Social Science - Professor
MIZUMACHI Yuichiro  Institute of Social Science - Professor
FUWA Makiko  Institute of Social Science - Associate Associate

GCOE Fellow
MINAGAWA Masumi  Institute of Social Science - Research Associate

Reserch Projects

Members and Research Projects in GCOE Program Branch

No. Project List Project Leader
1 "A Comparative Gender Analysis of Livelihood Security Systems - Faces of the Global Knowledge Economy and Social Exclusion"  For more information Prof. OSAWA, Mari
2 "Human Security and Trafficking in Person - A Touchstone Issue for Gender Equality and Multicultural conviviality"  For more information Prof. OSAWA, Mari
3 "An Empirical Study on the Effectiveness of Work-Life Balance and Equal Opportunity Policies"  For more information Prof. SATO Hiroki

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