Program Outline

The Global COE grant for the Program "Gender Equality and Multicultural Conviviality in the Age of Globalization" has been awarded to the Institute of Social Science in collaboration with the Tohoku University. Led by Prof. TSUJIMURA, Miyoko of Tohoku University, the Program aims to establish a world-class network for education and research by synergizing major fields of study in the social sciences, such as law, political science, sociology and economics. It also intends to develop public policies for such contemporary challenges as social exclusion, population aging and persisting multifaceted gender inequality, through disseminating implications of research to the general public. The Program seeks to nurture the careers of emerging researchers, lawyers and policy-makers who are exposed to international and interdisciplinary perspectives in the course of the Program's cooperation with prominent institutions at home and abroad.

For more info: Tohoku University Global COE Program

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