About this program

The Program seeks to nurture professionals with global perspectives who contribute to realize fair societies, where every person is respected and able to fully participate irrespective of gender, age, physical challenges, nationality and so on.

Chief of the Program Branch: Prof. OSAWA, Mari
(Institute of Social Science, the University of Tokyo)

The Global COE grant for the Program “Gender Equality and Multicultural Conviviality in the Age of Globalization” has been awarded to the Institute of Social Science in collaboration with the Tohoku University.

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[PDF]International Seminar
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[PDF]9th ISS GCOE Seminar: New Trends of Gender Politics in Poland: The "Congress of Women" and Quota System
[PDF]The 7th ISS-GCOE Seminar : Frontiers of Gender Studies
[PDF]"Labour market flexibility and worker security in advanced political economies: insights from the Italian case"
[PDF]Seeking Safety Across Borders:Battered Women's Experiences with the Hague Convention in American Courts
[PDF]Book Review Session