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Tokyo University Gender Studies Colloquium presents, with the UT 
Branch of the Global COE Program “Gender Equality and 
Multicultural Conviviality in the Age of Globalization”

Date: May,19, 2010, 18:40-20:30
Place: Room 315, Hobun No.1 bldg

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Speaker: Barbara Hobson, Professor of Sociology, Stockholm University, currently Guest Professor, GCOE, Kyoto University, till  
April 2010

Title: Tensions in Aspirations, Agency and Capabilities to Achieve a Work Family Balance: A comparison of Sweden and Hungary Paper available, in English, with an additional paper (published) for those who are interested ("Competing Scenarios for European Fathers: Applying Sen’s Capabilities and Agency Framework to Work Family Balance") no interpretation provided

About the speaker: PhD. Social Sciences, Boston University, author  of  the following books; Recognition Struggles: Recognition Struggles and Social Movements: Cultural Claims, Contested Identities, Power and Agency.  Cambridge University. Press. 2003

Making Men into Fathers:  Men. Masculinities, and the Social  Politics of Fatherhood. Cambridge University Press, 2002.

Contested Concepts in Gender and Social Politics. Barbara Hobson  with Jane Lewis and Birte Siim, Edward Elgar. 2002.

Research area: Political Sociology, Gender, Citizenship and Welfare Regimes/ Recognition: Gender and Diversity/ Capabilities agency and equality

Contact: Ueno ueno@l.u-tokyo.ac.jp